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Live Classes with Multiple Batches: A Feature Proposal#2184

Graphy offers a good live class features, but it’s currently sold as part of an online course package. To compete effectively, developing a dedicated feature for running live instructor-led training courses with multiple batches is essential. Most of Graphy’s competitors already offer this functionality.

The current system requires creating and managing multiple courses with identical curriculum for different batches, which is inefficient and time-consuming.

Proposed Solution:

We propose leveraging your existing Webinar module as a foundation. The Webinar module already boasts functionalities like batch limits and durations, making it well-suited for managing live classes with multiple batches. This could involve:

Renaming the Webinar module to “Live Class”
Extending webinar features to courses, allowing them to be marked or identified as live classes.
Key Benefit:

Implementing a “copy” or “duplicate” function for existing live classes would significantly streamline batch management.

We believe this feature is crucial for running effective live classes and achieving a competitive edge. We strongly encourage prioritizing its development.

3 days ago