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Everything need not be a 'course' on a LMS#2174


My requirement is to bundle a bunch of live tutorials and sell as a package. They are not courses but independent classes being delivered by different instructors on different topics. Graphy has asked me to create each live tutorial as one course, and then add these courses into a package. The problem is, the package then displays its content as “X courses” rather than “X tutorials”. In fact, I also need to add few live events (webinars) into the package, and show them on package as “Y webinars”. So ideal representation on the UI for my requirement is to show under package “X tutorials | Y webinars”. But Graphy allows only courses to be added to packages.
Please let me know the plan to fix this, as it is crucial item to decide on whether or not I can publish packages for sale or not. It would be a shame if not possible, as the offering is ready but the tech (Graphy) is becoming a bottleneck rather than an enabler in this case.

9 days ago