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Website link not opens in App#2097

Hi, I have included Digital Asset Links JSON file in App builder. But our website links are not opening by default in our app. We checked with App info in our android device. It shows zero verified links. But we can manually add supported links.
We also checked with Google Play console it says “Some deep links not working
Users on Android versions older than Android 12 will see the app picker for all links. Users on Android 12 or newer will be directed to the web browser for links associated with domains failing the ownership verification. Once you have fixed these issues and published a new version, users need to update their app before the links will work.”
That is there are 3 links associated with the deep links

  1. - Link working
  2. - Link not working
  3. - Link Working
    I have reported the issue with but didn’t resolved the issue and not provided any helpful reply.
5 months ago