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Termination of policy regarding joining live lecture with zoom link#2086

The new policy of joining the live lecture only through the app/website is taking a toll. Recently, I had held an orientation lecture for a new course, the meeting was made using the live class feature for the course. As it was an orientation, ofcourse no one would be enrolled in the course to access the live class through app/website. While this, the meeting ended twice which was very embarrassing as the attendees were new learners.

Similarly, a lot of our students weren’t able to join through website/app either because of age complications (many are well over their 50s) or due to an issue in the platform. We’ve had multiple issues of learners not being able to join through app/website on multiple occassions. Though these issues were almost always fixed but it always took time (which is completely acceptable) but it doesn’t stop and issues regarding this arise often and as teachers we cannot just be behind this all day right?!

And often times, people will have issues, so I think restricting the access of live class only to learners who are able to use the platform is very unconventional and unfavourable to learners and to us users who’ve signed in with Graphy for years. We understand that this policy must have been brought forward to eliminate misuse of the Zoom platform, but doing that has really acutely worsened experience of other Graphy users like me and more. I hope that this grievance is taken into consideration and is fixed. Thanks!

a month ago

Thank you for the feedback. We do understand your concerns.

As far as orientation is concerned - we provide an option of giving webinars independently, do check that out if it works for your use case.

For issues regarding the difficulties that users are facing in joining the live classes - we are fixing this very soon and making it easier for less tech savvy people to join in a live class. Will keep you updated.

As you mentioned - this is indeed a step in eliminating the major misuse of Zoom as done by a lot of other creators. And we will try to make sure that other creators aren’t affected as much as possible.

Alternatively, we will also look at other alternatives as well, to make joining as easy as joining a Zoom meeting.

a month ago
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