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Feed option in Community#2082

Its my suggestion to have Feed option in Community it will help to engage audience

Plz go through Tagmango LMS they have best Feed and they give option which learners will be able to see post based on tags

a month ago

Hey Rohan,
Thank you for your feedback. Our current community in the product is designed to foster free-flowing and casual conversations like Discord or Whatsapp groups. And we only have support for filtering using search.

However, to access a feed-like interface, we enable creators to integrate our another comprehensive community platform -

This has all the requirements you mentioned. Do check it out and let me know if you want to use the same.

a month ago
Changed the status to
Has Alternative
a month ago

Yes I am interested with Graphy Community Platform…Plz tell me how can I connet Graphy LMS with it

a month ago

Sure, we will reach out to you ASAP.

a month ago