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Web and mobile app access security improvement#2076

Hello team, I have a suggestion regarding your user access security. Currently, you provide security based on cookies, which means that once a user signs up, if they log in with the same ID on a different website or browser, only one access is shown for the same user. I suggest that instead of cookie-based security, you define it by IP address. This way, if a user logs in from the same IP address on any web browser, they will have access only on the same PC. This is beneficial because many students might not be very tech-savvy and may delete cookies or history, leading to repeated calls for access reset.

Additionally, I have a similar suggestion for the mobile app. Instead of securing access data in the mobile app, register it with the phone’s IMEI number. This way, even if the user uninstalls the app multiple times and logs in on the same mobile phone, they will still have access. Please address this issue and consider implementing these suggestions for both web and mobile app security.

a month ago