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Hello Graphy Team,

We are into UPSC Coaching and have been using Graphy for the past 2 years. We are happy with every feature that’s available.

But, unfortunately Graphy lacks two common features that are by default available with several other test platforms.

  1. Ability to take Live Tests anytime and see results instantly along with updated rank (without us generating results manually or with a specific time limit)

Students join at different times during the year and they would like to take tests conducted in the past as well. They also expect to see results as soon as they are done with tests. They also would like to know their rank as well.

Unfortunately, in Graphy, students can take a test only till a specific time. Results are generated only at a specified time or when generate them manually. This is leading to significant work for our admin team and not satisfying the core demand of the students (of instant results and updated ranks.)

  1. Sectional Tests with sectional timings are not available on Graphy Platform. If you look at any Bank exam, it will have 3 sections, one section opens when the other finishes immediately. This feature is not available on Graphy.

Request you to kindly look into these and make them available. This will make Graphy an undisputed leader in this segment.


Suresh Tangudu

2 months ago