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[Feedback Thread] Marketing -> Campaigns | Provide feedback around marketing campaigns#2068

Dear creators,
We continuously thrive to provide better tools to help you monetize your expertise.

Let’s use this thread to provide and discuss feedback for marketing campaigns, a tool that helps you send automated emails, and notifications. If you haven’t already expored it, please go to the “marketing” section of your dashboard and open “campaigns” tab.

2 months ago

Very nice and helpfull. Congratulations.

2 months ago

Its really helping, but graphy needs to have more improvments

  1. there must be pop out option in the website
  2. blogs need to be more improved
  3. Email marketing should be in build
  4. one to one session facility must be there as are paying for zoom integration
  5. Graphy should build their own meeting platform inbuilt instead of ZOOM …. and needs to provide unlimited or 20 to 30k students can watchn classes at a time… and there should be unlimited live classes that could be occured simultaneously. cause we are paying premium for it in the rise plan.
  6. whatsapp API integration should also be integrated….

These are the things graphy needs to imrpove , cause others are already providing such things in much lower price …. people like me who already have used many platforms will compare in such things …

Apart from these graphy is a good platform, but the trust will build up if we will get more important features that we are missing here…

2 months ago

Thanks for your feedback @Debashis panda ,

  1. Can you please elaborate more? Are you talking about ?
  2. Sure, we will work on that. Can you please elaborate a bit more as to what can be improved exactly?
  3. We have worked on email marketing in Marketing campaigns itself under the “campaigns” tab of “marketing” section itself. We are working on improving it to make it more customizable as well.
  4. Noted, this has been on our mind, will discuss this internally.
  5. Presently, we are rolling out our own new live class platform which provides an even better experience than Zoom. We may reach out to you for trying it out.
  6. This is on the roadmap, we will be picking this up. As of now there are certain whatsapp automations already in place

Feel free to make any other suggestions too by creating a new thread.

2 months ago
  1. yes
  2. Look in blogs we want to provide solutions of NCERT etc .. so we will be needing more customization options and there should be html enabled text options
  3. yeah i appreciate that, but we also have option to send emails from our end to targeted students .. that will be very convenient
  4. yes its very important feature
  5. yes i would love to try it ….
  6. yes now whatsapp marketing is picking hot spot we cant miss it … & for automation its not easy for teachers to get connected through third party platforms like pably
2 months ago

I want to specially appreciate the Graphy Team for the great job you guys are doing! Sincerely, Having tried other platforms like “Thinkific” and “Teachable” which seems to be the giant when it comes to online courses hosting, I have come to love Graphy. Moreso, I also appreciate the constant improvement that you guys make every time, that’s really commendable.

However, as we strive to make Graphy to become the best, there are somethings I think can be incorporated to Graphy, some of which Debashis has mentioned; the need to make the email marketing option to be customizable by the administrator. If this is achieved, it will make email marketing to be so easy. Also, as we all know, the click and open rate for WhatsApp marketing has been proven to be far higher than email marketing, of course for the obvious reason; people always check their WhatsApp messages more often than they do for their mails (mysel inclusive). So integrating WhatsApp Marketing in the platform will help creators have high comvertion rate. This can start from having a WhatsApp enabled Optin page to sending welcome messages, broadcasts, and personalized chats and so on.

At the momentI’m going to stop here, but will send more feedback as we progress. Once again, I want to say well done to you guys.


2 months ago

please make it customisable. Course admin should be able to add own campaigns…we dont want to use the pre- filled campaigns..they are of no use

a month ago

This campaign sends across courses that are deleted already.

Many a users complained that the links were’nt working when they tried purchasing or accessing.

a month ago

@Nupur Rao we are working on making marketing campaigns customisable. Will keep you updated.

a month ago

@Preneur Academy Thank you for believing in Graphy with us :D
All the points mentioned by you are valid. We are currently working on/things that are in pipeline are:

  • Making marketing campaigns customisable
  • Adding whatsapp as a channel in marketing campaigns
  • More campaigns and triggers

Hopefully this will help with your use cases. Will keep you updated on the same.

a month ago

@Kadhiravan Jayachandiran looking into this issue on priority. Please prefer reaching out to support at for faster resolution.

a month ago

@Kadhiravan Jayachandiran as discussed over email, this was an old issue and was fixed on 21st November

a month ago