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Feature Request — Custom field — Coursewise Custom field#2035

This feature was already raised a year ago by another creator #1422 but yet this is not implemrnted.

we need course wise custom field as we have to collect data based on course.

For example:- If i want to launch 2 courses one that is free and one that is paid, now i want to collect KYC data for paid course by using custom fields which will directly be popped in students backend dasboard. now i can only do two options which is in custom field either collect data on sign up page or collect before accessing the course, now the problem is i cannot collect data from free course students as they are there just to watch the course and go and buy when they are ready. This is creating a internal problem on scheduling the custom fields.

now the solution to this was suggested that was to use a Form in the course builder itself, now the problem here is even if i use they kyc form in the course builder as pre-requisite and if the student submit random information they are getting proper access and sometime the pre-requisite is also bouncing and few of my students where not able to upload there information in the course builder form.

hence a custom field as per course will help us sort things out and not mess up the situations.

in the course builder form the another problem is that all the information collected need to be downloaded externally and then we have to verify from our devices.

but in custom field everything is there itself and no need to download externally which we can verify right then and there from the backend dashboard of the learner.

i hope i was able to make you understand the problems face

if you are a creator and read all this then make sure to upvote.

5 months ago