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Mastering Knowledge : Unleashing the Power of Flashcards in LMS Platform#1971

Hello Graphy Team,

I belive, Graphy has evolved a lot over a period from inception. Congratulations to every participent of this Product R&D, Development, QA, Sales, Operations, etc. Progressive enhancement is the critical to bring the Product Competitive.

I am new to this platform, and I could feel “Flashcards“ feature will be useful for Platform Subscribers and VALUE to across customer community in Active Recall, Engagement, Repetition, Effective Feedback, etc.

I learnt, that this feature has been raised by peers,
1) Mr Avnish Mishra (Flashcard for review#653) 2 years ago
2) Mr. Faizan Akhtar (Flashcards with spaced repetition feature#18055) 5 months ago

This is the need of the hour to make the introspection and make the platform high

I believe, every Trainers, Coauches, Faculty, etc. Platform Consumers will echo the same by showing their need in this featur, to bring as top priority and subsequent product release.

Attached the details and advantages for further read.

6 months ago