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Require support#1604


It is frustrating to unnecessarily interact with a DUMB system that picks up the words and replies without knowing.

Pl remove it unless you want the clients to remove their courses from your system.

I need URGENT assistance, none of your guys are available to chat.

Can you pl arrange a live chat with me URGENLTY now?

I dont even understand that these 3 options of platform mean?


a year ago

Hi there @Deepak Dhiman , our support team as been in touch with you regarding your quiery. We hope everything is resolved now. Do let us know if we can help you with anything else! :)

a year ago
Changed the title from "Your automated system is pathetic." to "Require support"
a year ago
Changed the status to
a year ago

Can I take only webinars and digital products

2 months ago