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Community — feature request — sound & visual notifs on receiving new messages#1587

When I send some massage in community section… there is no such notification recieve by learners, no any sound or marking. How they know that someone write at community section. Even new massage not appear in front if they open community chat box. when they scroll, new massage seen

please fix this issue. Atleast a marking with numbers or sound or any type of things, they just know that a new massage is send by someone

2 years ago

Hi there @Nitesh Roy Official , thank you for sharing your suggestions. We’re continuously working to improve the learner & creator experience of Community. Rest assured you will see the changes soon! :)

2 years ago
Changed the title from "Community Tab Upgradation" to "Community — feature request — sound & visual notifs on receiving new messages"
2 years ago
Changed the status to
2 years ago

Something updated. Means now if I send massage in Community tab. A Mobile push is coming. But still the updation is not fulfilled.

  1. Learner can Off / On the notification through their app
  2. Same person also get notification who send. Update this
  3. Please add a number on community symbol. Like ¹ for 1 new massage.
  4. Also the same features need for channel names. ¹ tag visible after #channel name, where the massage has came

And the main problem is. If I am in Community chat page. And reach at last massage. Then if new massage has came. It is not automatically visible. I have to scroll the page manually, then I found it. So, why learners scrolling after every 15 sec, to see the new messages.

Please solve this problems. We have to deliver the seamless experience to end user

2 years ago

Hi there @Nitesh Roy Official ,
Thank you for your dedication and keen eye in improving the community feature! Yes, it has come to our attention that the experience is missing some aspects like unread message notifications and seamless interaction. We’re working on it. Rest assured the community feature will see many improvements in the near future! :)

2 years ago

Is there any update on Community Tab. Like auto update latest massage, sound & visual notification, etc

2 years ago