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Bring Live Chat Support to Studets#147

If we have Live Chat support features inbuilt in App then Studets can solved basic problems throw chat.

2 years ago
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a year ago

This would be a killer feature. More engagement in a smart way like responding to students from the dashboard without visiting the actual course to see that someone made a comment. Right now I get emails each time s student comments to a lesson but I have to go thru hoops to find which lesson to visit. Currently Spayee is like this.

10 months ago

Hi everyone, we’re super thrilled to share with you that it is possible to chat with each other through the platform! 😊

After launching your membership, you can access the community feature where you and your members can chat with each other.

Here’s an article to help you launch your membership. The artice also gives an overview of the Community feature ✨

7 months ago
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7 months ago