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Signup — Email verification at sign up stage#1419

Right now email verification happens when trying to access content.
But gap between sign up and access causes students to buy courses without verification which they later can’t access because of same verification
Please provide better email verification at sign up stage like in earlier platform

6 months ago

@Harshali from the Product Team at Graphy I also got to know that there is no way we can come to know how many users don’t have their email address verified. Now imagine, if people are not able to verify their email due to some reason, there is no way to know it and even if we come to know it, there is no way to verify it manually from the backend. Imagine this when there are number os users running in 5-6 figures and we don’t even know these details and are not able to solve them on own after getting to know them. This is very crucial information to know.

6 months ago

Hi @SUDHANSHU Pareek and @Hans M
You’ll be happy to know that we’ve identified this issue and are currently actively working on it. We’ll keep you updated about the progres here.

6 months ago
Changed the status to
In Progress
6 months ago
Changed the title from "Email verification at sign up stage" to "Signup — Email verification at sign up stage"
6 months ago