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I suggest you should improve your support.#1405

I am new on Graphy and during the setting of website and other things, I face 2 minor issues till now.

  1. Sitemap.xml not uploaded (on 30th July)
  2. Membership not launched (on 2nd August)

But no issue solved.

There is no reply after first reply. And moreover, till today no one is login from the super admin login which I created after my first complaint on your request.


  1. Why not fix a solving time for issues.
  2. Why not updated the progress.

If you take days for solving these type of minor issues then if there is big issue, how much time you take?
like this speed maybe a year or more….

This is service business sir, and you should improve your services.
And, if you feel that your way is right way than I am sorry please cancel my account and initiate the refund.

2 years ago

Agree. Support system of Graphy is worst. Sushil vipin premi I always hesitate to refer graphy to my friends. Even Your sales persons do not response anywhere after sale.

2 years ago

Hi @Raakesh.saini , based on our internal checks we understand that your issues have been resolved. Please let us know if everything is now working smoothly.

Hi everyone,
We are working on making our support and response machinery smooth and efficient. In the meantime, we are greateful for your patience and thank you for the honest feedback. Your feedback helps us identify areas of improvement.
Happy creating ✨
Team Graphy

2 years ago

Hi @Harshali from the Product Team at Graphy ,

As per your email and my knowledge. Only Membership Launched partially solved. Still if I click on launched button, now it shows, Invalid. Please contact Razorpay Support. Razorpay support says add oath credential etc. When I contact your support in chat Aniket says no need and no way to add oath creadential.
So, it’s not solved.
And sitemap.xml is still not uploading. Aniket says it is a bug and take time to resolve it.
Your internal checks is not right. Please check again and if possible solve the problem.
Thank You.

2 years ago

Hi @Raakesh.saini , we’ve checked in again with the team. All pending items have been resolved. Please let us know if we can support you with anything else. We’ll mark this ticket completed.

2 years ago
Changed the status to
2 years ago