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Disappointed with Sales team and customer service#1361

I called on the given customer care number 3 times. Everytime the person who picked the call refused to give any information about the product or any ready for anyother help. He said that he will arrange a call from sales team but today’s is 4th day for my first report but i recieved no call from sales team. It wasn’t expected from unacademy team.

2 years ago

Hi @Pujit sharma , we’re sorry to hear of this inconvenience caused to you. We’re looking into this matter and will get in touch with you at our earliest.

2 years ago

Hi @Pujit sharma , could you please share your registered email id and phone number with us?

2 years ago and 63988299. Still waiting for call despite repeated request

2 years ago

Sir, I’m waiting for more than a month for the same issue and still, you all couldn’t solve the issue. This is the peak time for admission all students are facing issues. They are unable to find course and purchase them as all the students just try to click on the slider but they are not working! I am losing my Business who will be responsible for that!
There should be at least some deadline to fix such a minor issue. And How you can escalate this issue for months….?

Very disappointed from your service!

2 years ago

@NEET ABHYAS as you might have been informed, the bug you were facing has been fixed. We sincerely thank you for your patience during the bug-fixing process.

2 years ago
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2 years ago