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Memberships – Ability to add dual membership plan#1218

There must be some option to add a dual or multiple membership plans because we offer multiple membership plans to our users like $49 , 79 etc so there must be some way to list down all the membership plans under membership feature

8 months ago

Hi @Ashish , we’re so exctied that you’re pushing at the offerings of the Memberships feature! Yes, we are working on memberships plans. Rest assured, you’ll hear about it soon. :)

8 months ago
Changed the status to
8 months ago
Changed the title from "Option to add dual membership plan in membership option" to "Memberships – Ability to add dual membership plan"
8 months ago

Awaiting for this feature eagerly

8 months ago

Any idea in how much time this feature will be roll out ? Also instead of opening a popup when we click on membership tab , can we open a separate page which has all the membership plans listed there ? In this way we can market that landing page @Harshali from the Product Team @Graphy

8 months ago

Would love to see update on this.

4 months ago

If you plan a dual plans, why not a third one!! I have 3 membership plans.

3 months ago